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NC State 87, Wake Forest 76

Four Factors NCSU Wake
eFG% 59.3 58.6
Turnover Rate 13.7
Off Reb Rate 37.9 32.3
FT Rate 33.9 17.2

76 65.6 115.8 132.6
NCSU 87 65.6 132.6 115.8

Box Score

To no one's surprise, Wake Forest put forth a much better effort in the rematch, because the announcement that Wake and State would be primary partners going forward completely changed the approach and intensity leading up to this game. Whereas once they despaired for want of a reason to go on, now they had purpose. And so it was that C.J. Harris rose above and dropped through the rim 21 points-worth of success, and Tony Chennault restored seven possessions, and La Forward Nikita...let's move on.

Scott Wood helped State's offense regain its effectiveness in the first half with some hot shooting, which was good since Wake decided to hit a bunch of shots from beyond the arc as well. I guess we should have seen that coming after the Winston-Salem fiasco. C.J. Williams hit seven of 10 two-point attempts, maybe not overly surprising since he came into the day shooting 60% from inside the arc, but I'm still amazed by how reliable he's become. His mid-range jump shot has become a thing of beauty. I'm not sure he's received enough recognition around the league for how much better he's gotten this year. Dude has been huge for this team.

It was also good to see Lorenzo Brown get back into something resembling a groove at the offensive end; he had a very good second half, and finished with eight assists versus two turnovers. We're better when he's being assertive offensively.