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Georgia Tech: The Revengening

When we last saw Georgia Tech, they were beating NC State in virtually every area, most notably shooting percentage. The Jackets hit nine of 15 three-point attempts and shot 74.2% at the free throw line, and both of those numbers were well above their season averages. After that, Tech proceeded to lose six games in a row, five of which were by double figures. Their second league win was a narrow 51-47 win over Boston College at home.

In conference games only, Georgia Tech actually ranks second in three-point field goal percentage (35.6), so that should make us all feel better about the game in Raleigh. Wait, no it shouldn't.

That's about the only thing that looks good for Tech's offense, which is 10th in offensive efficiency in ACC games. While they've had some success from beyond the arc, they've been dreadful inside of it, they've been turnover prone, and they haven't grabbed many of their own missed shots. The Jackets rank eighth or worse in all four factors.

They're also 11th in defensive efficiency in league play. Few takeaways plus bad FG% defense will do that even though they've done a good job on the defensive glass.

Will Georgia Tech look like the team on paper this time around?