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SB Nation's Video Rollout

As you may or may not have heard, SB Nation is partnering with YouTube to create a whole bunch of unique video content. You can see what's already up at SBN's YouTube channel and get a sense for the direction of this thing. On Thursday, they launched shows hosted by Bomani Jones, Amy K. Nelson, and a Vespa-riding-buddy-cop comedy starring a couple of Miami Marlins players. A college football show featuring Jason Kirk and EDSBS's Spencer Hall debuts on Friday.

So the first level of this initiative is all these professional-looking and entertaining shows, and then there's the second, much bigger level: blogger videos. Pretty much any site that's interested in participating has been given the opportunity to make videos which will be posted on the respective sites as regular updates.

I'm giving it a shot myself, which could end up being a huge mistake. But hey, they sent me a camera and everything, so I'd best give it a try. I cannot promise entertainment, but I'm sure the tone of these videos will fit in well with the general tone I've established around here. They will also be brief (1-2 mins).

Those videos should start popping up on this site pretty soon. This doesn't change anything about what already goes on here--the regular written updates and assorted tomfoolery--so if you fear change you can always just skip over the videos.