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Bracketology / Selection Sunday Open Thread (Update: Moneyline Movement Suggests NC State Is In)


5:40 p.m. ET Update: Kudos to a poster at SFN for noticing this trend:


The selection show is right around the corner, but it's going to feel like an eternity waiting for it. What to expect today? The experts still aren't settled on the last few spots, which is no surprise. Palm and Lunardi have had significant differences for at least a week now.

In bid-thief news, St. Bonaventure knocked off Xavier in the A-10 finals, thereby stealing a bid from an at-large bubble team. So someone's dreams just went the way of Seth Greenberg's. But we beat St. Bonaventure, and frankly I have to believe there is an obscure win where the bubble that popped cannot be ours. Surely that's a thing.

The brackets/projections:

Jerry Palm [CBS]
Last 4 In: Colorado State, Cal, Northwestern, Seton Hall
First 4 Out: NC State, Mississippi, Miami FL, Iona

Palm has had Northwestern in his bracket all weekend despite the Wildcats' loss to Minnesota on Thursday, so that's interesting.

Joe Lunardi [ESPN]
Last 4 In: BYU, South Florida, NC State, Seton Hall
First 4 Out: Drexel, Washington, Iona, Mississippi State

Lunardi doesn't even have Northwestern on his radar.

Patrick Stevens [Washington Times]
Last 4 In: South Florida, N.C. State, Seton Hall, Brigham Young
First 4 Out: Mississippi State, Marshall, Drexel, Mississippi

Chris Dobbertean [SB Nation]
Last 4 In: NC State, South Florida, Seton Hall, Drexel
First 4 Out: Marshall, Dayton, Mississippi, Mississippi State

The Dance Card
NC State safely in the field with a 91.77% chance of receiving an at-large bid.

Stat Junkie
NC State in, but with only a 22.53% chance of receiving an at-large bid.