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VIDEO: NC State Players React To NCAA Tournament Bid

CBS did not have a camera at NC State's selection show viewing party, but someone got the thing on film, and the team's reaction is below. The best part is Calvin Leslie and Lorenzo Brown, who at this point have decided they can't even watch anymore. Leslie's hiding in a hoodie, while Brown has pulled his hat down over his eyes. When State gets the good news, they're almost too surprised to react, and everybody else mobs them.

Reaction Video

I'm not sure who it is that gives a big hug to Gottfried, but that's pretty damn funny too.

Comments from Gottfried and Yow:

“Today was a long day and that show was a long show, when you’re the last team to go up on the board,” Gottfried said. “It’s as gut-wrenching as anything I’ve ever been through.”


Yow said she was nervous Sunday. She said the Pack’s RPI and strength of schedule were higher than Virginia’s, and that N.C. State beat the Cavaliers in the ACC Tournament, and that she was more optimistic after Virginia went on the board.

“But we got down to the last slot,” she said. “I was saying to myself, ‘I’m an adult and if they don’t get in they’re going to be crushed. Someone has to be an adult and that has to be you.’“