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Watching The NCAA Tournament Online

Just a head's up: the NCAA has made some changes to its tournament streams online. Deadspin has the rundown:

To watch games online, you'll have to authenticate yourself as a cable subscriber, usually by entering the account number on your cable bill. Be sure to have this info handy before you leave [for] work Thursday morning. If you do not have your account number, or are not a cable subscriber, you'll have to purchase an all-access pass to March Madness Live for $3.99—which also lets you watch on your phone or tablet.

All tournament games airing on CBS will be available for free online, with no need for authentication.

You're good to go if you're a cable subscriber, but just remember, as Barry notes here, to bring your subscriber info with you to work or you will be sad panda.

And there is a workaround for satellite customers so that they don't have to pay the fee. I just did this, tested it, and it works fine. Follow the instructions at this link.