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Talking Georgetown With Casual Hoya

One of my favorite Q&As from last season was with the dudes from Casual Hoya, and we're fortunate to have another opportunity. Today we spoke a bit about Henry Sims' insane assist rate, what to expect from Syracuse fans in the ACC, and how the Hoyas might attack NC State's defense.

I also answered some questions from these Princeton offense-loving commies, and those'll be up over at their Marxian sadhouse.

1.) It hasn't been too long since we last saw each other, and to be quite honest, I haven't really paid attention to how you guys are doing. You guys got way worse, right?

Totes! We stink! The reality is that though the uniforms are the same since we last faced you guys and vanquished you, this is a completely different Georgetown team. Yes, offensively we are still running the "Princetown" offense, but this is the strongest Georgetown team on the defensive end since 2008.

2.) Henry Sims' assist rate is nuts for a 6-10 guy. What's his role in the offense? I was thinking he might pick up a lot of easy assists on kick-outs, but the Hoyas don't shoot a ton of threes.

Though Jason Clark is the team's engine, the offense flows through Henry Sims. Sims will touch the ball on the majority of possessions and when he comes out from under the hoop it clears the passing lanes for our guys to backdoor the crap out of you. For a big man he is an exceptional passer in the mold of Roy Hibbert and Greg Monroe. Most of his passes that result in hoops aren't on the kick-outs for open shots but rather to Hoyas streaking to the basket for layups. I'm kind of getting giddy as I type this, to be honest.

3.) How deep is Georgetown this season? Who are the guys off the bench we need to keep an eye on?

JTIII has shortened the rotation in the postseason, and though you'll see 9 guys play, 7 will get big minutes. The two Hoyas off the bench that will play the most will be sophomore point guard Markel Starks, who started for Georgetown right up until after the debacle at Seton Hall in late February, and freshman two guard Greg Whittington, who at 6'8" and with arms the length of the Grand Canyon is probably our best defender.

4.) As you know, Syracuse is joining the ACC in the near future. We already got a preview of the...Syracuse experience...when the Orange came to Raleigh in December, but I need a real authority on this: what should we expect out of the Syracuse fan base? Do their foul accents stain upholstery? Would you say the reason they don't have a baseball team is because they're big huge cowards who hate apple pie and also America? In general I just have to wonder about a group that not only allows but welcomes one Gregory Paulus to play football.

I can't vouch for their foul accents staining your upholstery but it's a fair assumption that their lack of general hygiene and boorish behavior will stain your conference forever. When I think ACC, I think beautiful college campuses with nice, well manicured lawns and attractive people meandering through majestic quads. Syracuse is the opposite of this vision.

They don't have a baseball team because the weather up there is awful, and regarding your concerns about Greg Paulus you are right on point. The bottom line as far as we're concerned is that though we love the rivalry and hate to see it die, Syracuse's embarrassing behavior this season--with all the the molestation stuff, the drug use among the players, and now the academic issues surrounding Fab Melo--represents a lack of institutional control that I'm sure the Big East is more than happy to ship out to the ACC before the NCAA sanctions it into oblivion. And by oblivion, I mean Boston College.

5.) We have a good shot blocker in CJ Leslie, and both he and Richard Howell are good rebounders, but their positioning and footwork aren't great and they have a tendency to commit some silly fouls. Do you think Georgetown is going to try to work the ball inside against NC State's defense?

If Leslie and Howell get into foul trouble, Sims will get fed inside and allowed to go to work in the paint. Georgetown can beat you in a variety of ways, as Henry Sims is difficult to handle down low, Otto Porter has a solid midrange game, and both Jason Clark and Hollis Thompson can win games from outside. The Big East has a number of teams with tough and physical defenses, so I don't anticipate Georgetown being surprised with anything N.C. State may show. I just asked my Magic 8 Ball what N.C State can expect in the game and it just spit out PAIN.