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NC State Is In The Sweet Sixteen

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Man, this is insane. How are we here now after where we were last year? This is crazy insane stupid insane. I am going to hug everything for the next five days. Coffee tables, fire hydrants, innocent bystanders, everything.

Georgetown got off to a quick start with some good outside shooting and very tough defense--I think it took some extra time for the Pack to adjust to their size after facing a small SDSU team. For the majority of that first half, it felt like State was just hanging on. Offensive boards were huge. The turnover margin in that half also made a big difference.

I'm having trouble with coherent thoughts at this point, so I'll skip to the end. The runner that Lorenzo Brown hit to push the lead to seven with a couple minutes left was one of the brass-ballsiest shots I've seen in a long time. That was just sick, and that's when the belief set in for me. I wish we'd made it a little bit easier on ourselves, but you know how we do.

It's a great win. Feels amazing. This team has gone so far beyond expectations. I can't wait for next weekend, no matter the odds against us.