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Hey, Sorry For Partying


State fans have waited a long time for this. And now they'll demand it every year, lest they fire another coach who can't make it happen. Unreasonable expectations! Yes!

Sir, this is incredibly incisive, and I thank you. Perhaps this will prompt the self-reevaluation that this fan base needs for always demanding Sweet Sixteens with sprinkles on top. You know, you'd think things might change on their own around here after the 25th head coach in as many years was buried alive while being forced to watch Eraserhead, but what can I say, we have a tendency toward tunnel vision when it comes to this sort of thing, and furthermore, you should see the spread at these things.

It's a weird thing how different we are, but obviously provable, and provable without any sort of effort whatsoever. Inconsistent standards work well here. We will strive for an appropriate level of indifference and patience henceforth. It might work, but I don't want to lie to you, it won't and people will get stabbed with pitchforks. So we'll see you at DeathBoner '13.

And speaking of which, let's start working on those costumes now, people. I don't want to see anybody half-assing it during the biggest social event of the year. Show some damn respect.