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Debbie Yow and Calvin Leslie shared a hug after the Georgetown game that garnered a lot of attention, and on Wednesday the Fayetteville Observer expanded in the Yow-Leslie relationship. This is a story about a sandwich. A submarine sandwich. When Leslie first arrived on campus, Yow met with him to chat over lunch.

"Turkey, I thought that sounded like a guy's sandwich," Yow said. "He said, 'I don't eat Subway.' It was hilarious."


"I'm not going to say I'm not down with Subway," Leslie said Tuesday, laughing at the memory. "This is the problem: I don't like vegetables, as far as tomatoes, lettuce and all of that. I'll take the meat. The meat and the bread, I'll take that, but I'm not down with the vegetables. When you put all that mayonnaise on there, I can't eat all that."

Calvin is not interested in the sandwich's vegetable component(s). Frankly I can't relate to this perspective, but you know the kids these days. And did he just disparage mayo? Don't make me come down there, Calvin. Mayo is wonderful and awful for you and thus demonstrably great.

It's clear that Calvin has graduated from the Ron Swanson school of meal/sandwich construction, though, so it's hard to fault him too much.