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BTP Pool Update

With the Final Four set and accounted for in the pool, here's what the top 10 looks like:

Place Entry Current Pts Max Possible Pts Champ
1 Irritated Vowel 94 110 Mich St
2 GoPackMac's Bracket 88 136 Kentucky
2 The Miz 88 152 Kentucky
2 The Chad! 88 152 Kentucky
5 Reed 2 87 151 Kentucky
6 Ginger Avengers 86 150 Kentucky
6 NC STATE ALL THE WAY BABY!!! 86 150 Kansas
6 hickorypack 86 150 Kentucky
6 The Tim Miles Express 86 150 Kentucky
6 PirateWolf son! 86 150 Kansas

Irritated Vowel has had an impressive run to this point, to go with an impressive entry name. Kudos on that near-perfect East region. I think you can hang a banner in the bathroom for that. But someone else is going to claim that top spot. The only people to pick a non 1/2 seed to win the title were the brave people who picked NCSU to go all the way, so everyone in the top 20 is pretty bunched together. And there's The Tim Miles Express, which has climed up from the 70s into the top 10. Never a doubt, baby!****

[****Since that is my entry, it is not eligible to win this pool's prizes.]