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Google+ Hangout With Dereck Whittenburg On Friday Night

I received an email the other day about an opportunity to chat on the tubes with Dereck Whittenburg on Friday night. You can submit questions via Allstate's Facebook page for Dereck, and there's a chance you'll actually get to "hang out" with Dereck tonight. Not entirely sure how it works since I'm not that familiar with Google+, but here is some additional info from the email:

For the first time ever, Allstate will host Google+ Hangouts live from New Orleans featuring the NCAA Tournament legends and select fans from across the country as part of special, invite-only online video chat sessions. Fans who submit their best college basketball ‘mayhem’ questions for Team Mayhem to Allstate and participating college basketball blogs via digital / social channels will have the chance to "hang out" online with James Worthy, Dereck Whittenburg or Joey Rodriguez during Final Four weekend. The Hangout will also be broadcast live via Allstate’s Google+ page so other fans can participate by watching the events.

(I'm not getting compensated in any way for this, BTW, I just thought it sounded like something you people might be interested in.)