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NC State Advances In ACC Tournament With 78-57 Win Over Boston College

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I'm not sure I would say that NC State breezed past Boston College like did--the final score wasn't indicative of how tough it was to fend off the Eagles this afternoon--but even at its worst, State didn't have a whole lot to worry about.

Which doesn't excuse the lack of effort coming out of halftime, or the team's inability to put together a run until the late stages of the second half. I thought the guys did a solid job of running the offense for the most part, but they settled for quite a few jump shots against that zone defense, and everyone save Scott Wood had trouble getting those shots to fall.

Wood was outstanding at the offensive end all afternoon, and the bottom line is State picked up a relatively easy win sub-par performances from Richard Howell or CJ Williams at the offensive end. Boston College had a number of opportunities to make this game more interesting but failed to do so either because of stupidity or just horribly BC-esque shooting.

Anyway, on to the next one.