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Another Shot At Virginia


The results from the first meeting between Virginia and NC State:

Four Factors NCSU UVA
eFG% 42.1 52.3
Turnover Rate 18.5
Off Reb Rate 47.4 17.2
FT Rate 36.8 53.5

Rebounding should have been the difference in this game, but State hit just 12-21 from the free throw line and 2-15 from three-point range (Scott Wood was 2-8), and the Cavaliers' perimeter offense was uncharacteristically good. Knowing what we know now about Sammy Zeglinski's love affair with Wilson, the latter is not all that surprising. State hit 50% of its twos against the Cavs, and while it's always a risk to place the fate of the offense in the hands of one of our post players, that's something we're going to have to do in order to press the issue on their shorthanded and undersized roster.

But there's an added risk against a coach like Tony Bennett, because his guys are very good on a fundamental level, which means they're where they're supposed to be and they don't take many dumb risks. That makes decision-making from the forwards--like when it's time to dribble between two defenders (Calvin, it's almost never time to do that)--all the more important.