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ACC Hoops Classics: NC State Vs. Maryland In The 2002 ACC Tournament

One of my favorite games from back in the day was uploaded on YouTube recently, and if you're starving for some basketball at this point, I highly recommend this one: NC State vs. Maryland in the 2002 ACC Tournament.

My favorite thing about college basketball analysis is something that has endured forever, apparently: "team A is comfortable at [slow/fast tempo] while team B prefers [the opposite], so the key for team A will be to control the pace in this game." At this point I usually feel like jumping out of a tall building. I love the implications that go with this line of thinking. "That man is jogging and dribbling at the same time! My stars, I am out of here!" /coach forfeits three times as he sprints out of the building.

State was not looking to push the ball at every opportunity in this game, but when the guys had opportunities, they were more than willing to press those advantages. Jules did his gangly-freshman-awkward-what? thing, Anthony Grundy hit some circus shots, Marcus Melvin and Archie Miller hit big threes, and Ilian Evtimov tied the room together.

These kids could be so good, and you can see the foundation for the 2004 team, which would become the best Wolfpack basketball team since some time in the mid-80s.

How old is NC State Shit? At least 10 years old. The proof is right here on film. What was an otherwise solid FT shooting team at one point missed eight of 10 free throws to open the door for the eventual national champs, but the Pack escaped anyway, thanks in large part to one of the more memorable shots of Julius Hodge's career.