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Mustafa Greene Charged With Misdemeanor Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia

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A tip of the cap to Yield To Frump for finding this bit of news, which probably explains why Mustafa Greene is currently in Tom O'Brien's dog house: he has been charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and has a court date set for May 10 in Wake County, according to the North Carolina court system database.
Unfortunately, that isn't where it ends for Greene. There is a second incident, this one in Rowan County, where he was pulled over for speeding and ended up with a few additional citations. Greene's court date for this incident is set for April 27.




To recap, that's speeding, reckless driving to endanger (15+ MPH over speed limit, most likely), driving without a license, a window tinting violation, operating a vehicle without insurance, and canceled/revoked/suspended tags.

When TOB said there is "nothing new that way" in discussing Greene's status, it seemed a bit odd, but that phrasing makes a lot more sense now.