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Tom O'Brien Aware Of Charges Against Greene, Situation Will Be 'Dealt With Appropriately'

In the previous update I speculated that Mustafa Greene's pending court dates were the reason for his absence this spring, but Mark Armstrong inquired on the matter and found that that is not the case.

Also, apparently it was the charges from the incident in Rowan County that led to the drug charge. Giglio:

Greene, 20, of Irmo, S.C., had an outstanding warrant from a traffic stop in Rowan County when the Raleigh Police went to his off-campus apartment on April 2. According to a copy of the police report, a "grinder" for marijuana, with marijuana residue, was found in Greene’s possession.

To recap, Greene was charged at a traffic stop in Rowan County back in February for speeding, illegal tinting, etc., and the outstanding warrant related to that stop led Raleigh Police to go to his apartment on April 2, which is when the "royal flush" marijuana grinder was found. And Greene was already in some hot water within the program for a reason not related to any of this.

[Update: some additional info from the Salisbury Post. Greene was caught going 97 MPH in a 65 MPH zone.]