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DeShawn Painter Transferring From NC State, According To Report

The Jaqawn Raymond news wasn't surprising, but this comes out of the blue: DeShawn Painter reportedly is going to transfer closer to home because of an illness in his family.

Painter, who hails from Norfolk, Virginia, is entering his senior season. He will have two years to play one season but could receive a waiver to play his final year in 2012-2013 due to his personal issues.

Painter was really the lone big man off the bench in 2012 and could have factored into the starting lineup next season. He played hard when he was on the floor, and we'll miss that hustle. These circumstances suck and I hope everything works out for DeShawn and his family. I'd have done the same thing in his situation and I hope the NCAA doesn't think twice about giving him that waiver if he wants it.

We'll be pulling for you, DP. Good luck, sir.