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Notes From Football Scrimmage No. 2

NC State scrimmaged for the second time on Saturday; here are the stats.

Rushing: 38 rushes for 26 yards

Passing: 23-for-48 passing for 234 yards with 2 TDs and 4 interceptions

Kicking: 2/3 FG attempts (Made: 42,44 Missed: 42)

Defense: 12 tackles for loss for 47 yards, Seven sacks for 35 yards

As usual, no individual stats were released, so there's no telling how much of the above can be attributed to the first-stringers. After the scrimmage, Tom O'Brien did say that most of the sacks were coming from the second- and third-stringers (there were a lot in the first scrimmage as well).

"As a whole the offensive line is performing at a better level than at any point since we've been here."

"Glennon hadn't been sacked much. Other guys are getting sacked with those numbers and that's the way it ends up but they are doing a better job of protecting him."

TOB also said that there's no plan to return Rashard Smith to the defensive side of the ball.

"[Rashard Smith] has to help us in the rotation [at WR] right now. Whether he has to go back come August and maybe help the nickle defense I hope that's not the case. I think we have enough back there now - he would certainly be capable of it but he's just concentrating on offense right now."

So that's ... good?