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South Carolina Transfer Damontre Harris Prohibited From Enrolling At NC State

University of South Carolina sophomore forward Damontre Harris met with new head coach Frank Martin and, having barely survived the encounter, decided it best to pursue his college career elsewhere.


Is South Carolina suggesting that NC State had illegal contact with Harris during the coaching change? That's definitely what is being implied with this. Orlando Early was on South Carolina's staff during Harris' freshman season, and the possibility that they've kept in contact doesn't exactly stretch the imagination.

Would we want to bring Harris in if we could? I think so, yes. He was a secondary option in his two seasons with the Gamecocks but very efficient; last year he hit 55% of his twos. He also finished 19th nationally in block percentage, and he's a good offensive rebounder as well. Maybe not a guy that's going to be a focal point at the offensive end, but definitely someone who can play major minutes and help out. He averaged 25.9 minutes, 6.8 points, and 5.5 rebounds per game in 2012.