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Damontre Harris Transfer: Mom Has No Idea Where This 'Tampering Stuff' Is Coming From

Following the Damontre Harris news from Monday, The Daily Gamecock caught up with Harris' mother:

Harris’ mother, Sharhonda Harris, said that N.C. State has never contacted Damontre Harris.

"I don’t understand the problem with him not being able to go to (N.C.) State," Sharhonda Harris said. "He hasn’t even said he wanted to go to State. I don’t understand where they’re coming up with this tampering stuff from."

There's also this from Frank Martin:

"When the time comes, if guys still aren’t interested in who we are, then why hold them down?" Martin said. "I was a high school coach, so nothing aggravated me more than when a young man was having a bad experience or didn’t want to be somewhere and the school didn’t release him. It’s not right. As long as things are handled right by everyone involved, including the other schools in the re-recruitment, then if the kids don’t want to be here, how productive is it going to be for our program to keep someone here who doesn’t want to be here?"

It's easy enough to suggest that Martin is a crazy person and I've seen plenty of that over the last 24 hours, but having never met the man myself, I'm not interested in that sort of conjecture.

I'm surprised the tampering subject doesn't come up like this more often***. Especially given how common transfers have become. It's not necessarily even a matter of coach-calls-kid; if the kid decides he's packing his bags and starts to reach out before anything's been made official, that creates problems just the same. If you're a head coach walking into a new situation, you might have a hard time telling the difference. Maybe it's one of those coaching fraternity deals that they keep on the down low.

Martin also said almost a month ago that he would be meeting with each player’s parents, just like if he were recruiting the player out of high school, but Sharhonda Harris said Martin has made no effort to contact her, either in person or over the phone.

"It didn’t really upset me," Sharhonda Harris said. "It just made me think that he’s not really interested in [Damontre Harris]. [Martin is] more out recruiting than he is doing anything else. He’s not even acknowledging the kids that are already there."

Harris' mom also explicitly states she'd like her son to move closer to home (home being Fayetteville, NC). It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

(***It was a rumored that Seton Hall had illegal contact with Larry Davis and that that was a big reason why he ended up there after Herb left, right?)