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Bracketology 2013: Oh, It's A Thing All Right

I would start looking into plane tickets now if I were you. Joe Lunardi took a stab at the 2013 NCAA Tournament field on Monday, because why the hell not. I'd stop posting this stuff but I am having a hard time not talking about next year. Just can't help it.


If I recall correctly--since I can't find the old screencap--I'm pretty sure Lunardi had State as a two-seed following Sidney Lowe's first year and that ACC tourney run. But it's totally gonna be different this time, man. In fact I think this projection is low and would like to encourage everyone to send scoff-heavy emails to Mr. Lunardi. Now, sure, we may not have a frontcourt in 2013, but that's only because we like a challenge. MegaHorse can fill the role of three people, anyway, so it's not a huge deal.

Elsewhere in the ACC, Lunardi has UNC as a two-seed, Duke a three, Miami an eight, and FSU a 12.