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Mel Kiper On George Bryan's Draft Prospects

NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. talked at length on Wednesday about the draft prospects of various college players, and his assessment of Wolfpack tight end George Bryan was not exactly glowing.

"He can be a guy that can make it as a third tight end. He’s not going to wow you athletically, but he presents a nice target. He does some good things catching the football there in the hook zone. He’s not going to give you a lot down the field. Blocking … that’s something that’s got to be a strength at the pro level and it’s something he’s got to continue to work on. When you’re that size, you’ve got to be more consistent as a blocker. That should be his forte, it shouldn’t be just average. You’ve got to be the kind of guy who can excite a team in that area. I don’t think he did that at N.C. State to the level that he should have. It was adequate, not great. That’s something, if he’s going to make a roster, he’s got to improve on. He’s one of those borderline late round or priority free agent types."

That comes off as a pessimistic evaluation to me, but there is plenty of valid concern here, and the fact that Bryan wasn't able to build on his sophomore year speaks to his limitations.