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From C.J. To Calvin -- Quantifying Development

Calvin Leslie took a big step forward in 2012, both in terms of his on-court production and his maturity. And there seemed to be a point down the stretch where he "leveled up" and became a reliable, indispensable part of State's offense.

In comparing his freshman and sophomore seasons, the difference is clear enough. I also wanted to see what the numbers say about his play down the stretch, so I compiled his stats from February 1 onward, which spans 15 games. That's the third row below.

CJL ORtg %Poss %Shots eFG% OR% DR% FTR FT% 2FG% 3FG%
2011 95.1 27.0 26.2 44.5 12.4 19.2 50.7 54.2 45.3 25.0
2012 102.1 26.4 25.9 53.0 8.7 19.6 51.4 59.6 53.4 28.6
2012 (last 15) 104.8 30.7 27.4 54.3 8.6 22.0 51.1 57.9 54.4 33.0

What's telling about those last 15 games is the workload--he became an even larger chunk of the offense. It didn't hurt his effectiveness, either, which is impressive. He averaged 17.1 points and 8.7 rebounds per game in that time.

A big detriment to his efficiency right now is his free throw shooting, because he gets to the line a lot: he shot 188 free throws in 34 games in 2012. If he can just get that FT% into the mid- or upper-60s, it would help quite a bit. I hope that's one of his focuses this offseason, because a reliable free throw shooting Calvin is a scary Calvin indeed.

Leslie improved his two-point accuracy dramatically from his freshman to sophomore seasons as he developed into a more refined finisher around the rim. He had a knack for some wild acrobatics that worked because he's just that gifted, but more than that, he did a better job working within the offense to give himself better opportunities.

All told, Leslie's development is clearly on the upswing, and his ability to handle a high workload is obvious, which is a very good thing to see.