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NC State Defeats Tennessee 17-14

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You can go ahead and take that margin to Vegas and confidently drop all of your savings at the nearest sportsbook, because while the NC State/Tennessee game hasn't technically been played yet, NC State Shit has been completely negated in a stunning stroke of foreshadowing.

After Saturday's Orange and White game, Tennessee coach Derek Dooley looked over at the flat screen television with the game's statistics on it and saw his team had lost to N.C. State.

Wait, what?

Orange had actually beaten White 17-14, but the boxscore software on the screen wasn't equipped to change the teams, so it just listed Tennessee against its Week 1 opponent. Unfortunately, it had Tennessee losing to the Wolf Pack. Dooley was told the software couldn't configure the appropriate logos.

Tennessee starting QB Tyler Bray was on the team that lost, which is like double foreshadowing. It is not yet known just how many throat-slashing gestures were involved in the defeat.