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Mustafa Greene Has Not Been Kicked Off The Football Team But He Isn't Practicing Either

I don't know where the rumors started but since most message boards are inundated with things a guy heard from a guy who knows a guy, that's probably how it happened. Anyway, some people had been saying that running back Mustafa Greene had been kicked off of NC State's football team. Tom O'Brien commented on the matter on Tuesday:

"There are great rumors that he was kicked off the team, but there is nothing new that way," said O'Brien. "He's not practicing right now."

Asked if Greene is in sound health, the coach said, "I think he's healthy."

Okay, Moose Greene is still on the football team. That said, these comments are not what I would call reassuring. He certainly seems to suggest there is some sort of issue, and I think he'd have been a bit more specific otherwise. The statement "there's nothing new that way" is a curious one, and suggests that Greene's good standing is still up in the air. I guess we'll see.