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2012 NFL Draft Wrapup

Five NC State players were taken in the 2012 NFL Draft, which is the second most in school history. The Pack had six players taken back in 2006, the year Mario Williams went No. 1 and three Wolfpack defensive linemen were taken in the first round. Here's the summary, including Russell Wilson:

Russell Wilson -- Seattle Seahawks (3rd round)
T.J. Graham -- Buffalo Bills (3rd)
Terrell Manning -- Green Bay Packers (5th)
Markus Kuhn -- New York Giants (7th)
J.R. Sweezy -- Seattle Seahawks (7th)
Audie Cole -- Minnesota Vikings (7th)

Free agent signings:

George Bryan -- Dallas Cowboys
Taylor Gentry -- Kansas City Chiefs

Markus Kuhn was drafted and George Bryan wasn't. Sure, there's not much difference when you're talking about the seventh round, but still, if you'd told me this at any point over the last few years, I'd have been like, "child please."