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We're Good Enough, We're Smart Enough, And Doggone It, People Are Ranking Us

The 2012-13 pre-preseason college basketball poll madness continued on Wednesday, and given the projections at this point I think we can go ahead and safely assume NC State will land in both major preseason polls next season. That's weird enough, but the fact we could be considered a legit top 15 team is stranger still. And that's actually at the low end of most of the extremely premature projections we've seen so far.

Here's a good breakdown of the polls that have been released so far, with an average ranking for all three triangle schools. NCSU's average rank based on those polls: 7.5. *faints*

Interestingly, the Wolfpack are nearly a consensus Top 10 immediately post-season pre-season team. They return a majority of seasoned players and bring in a strong recruiting class. Everything looks nice on paper. That said, we’re still talking NC State. Gottfried has to prove that he can keep the intensity the team showed at the last few weeks of this year going into next year.

Luke Winn--whom I trust to handicap the next season more than most of these other outlets--joined the fray today and placed NC State at No. 11. And that was where he had the Pack without Calvin Leslie.

11. N.C. STATE. If C.J. Leslie returns — and that seems like a big "if" — the Wolfpack will jump up to the 6-8 range. Even without him, they should be able to build off of a surprise run to the Sweet 16 behind point guard Lorenzo Brown and power forward Richard Howell. The addition of five-star shooting guard Rodney Purvis gives State some serious scoring punch on the perimeter alongside senior marksman Scott Wood.

If he's talking about State being potentially one of the 10 best teams in the nation, then I'm gonna have to just accept that this is a real possibility.