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First Spring Football Scrimmage Set For Saturday

On Saturday, NC State will scrimmage for the first time this spring, but Mustafa Greene is still in the no-no zone. Interestingly, TOB says this is the first time they've had the ability to pit third-stringers against third-stringers.

O'Brien said the first-string players, followed by second, third and possibly fourth will run a set number of plays in the scrimmage because in the spring "it is the way to go."

"It won't be situational, but we are trying to get guys 25, 30 plays, and see what we have learned," O'Brien said. "The only situational will be where we put the ball on the field."

Getting a read on the new linebackers will be an important part of the scrimmage.

"We've changed some things up on them this week," said O'Brien about the Pack's linebackers. "That was by choice. Once you start the season, things are going to change each and every week. I think they are making progress, but we'll know after Saturday if we have made any at all."

They had better have made some progress. Don't make me come down there!