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Calvin Leslie Hasn't Made A Decision On The NBA, Is Definitely Trolling

The NC State basketball banquet was held on Monday night, and of course the big question surrounded Calvin Leslie's future. According to Leslie, he is leaning a certain way, but which way is that way? No way to know.

Leslie has until the 29th of this month to make his choice, so it could be a good while before we hear anything, or it could be tomorrow.

"I’m not stressing about it, whatever I decide to do is going to be whatever I decide to do," said Leslie, who earned second-team All-ACC honors last season.

The NCAA deadline for underclassmen is 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, but Leslie said his decision could come in the next "week or so." He added that he would observe the NBA deadline to file for the draft, which is April 29.

Lorenzo Brown thinks Leslie is going to be back:

"I think he’s coming back," Brown said. "He’s trying to say little things to trick us, but I think he’s coming back."

(Not that this was a huge concern, but Gottfried said Monday that Brown would be back next season.)

Mark Gottfried said he thought the decision would come Monday night or Tuesday, and Leslie said it would probably happen later this week, so again, who the hell knows. I hope Leslie repeats the Julius Hodge press conference and pulls out a photo of a scraggly Mark Gottfried: "could you leave this face?"