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Two Of Tuffy's Relatives Euthanized After Being Poisoned

Relatives of NC State's live mascot were poisoned. Again.

The parents and two siblings of "Tuffy," who are from Tarheel Tamaskan, a Tamaskan dog breeder outside of Elizabeth City, NC, were poisoned more than a year ago but survived. Last week — a year and a week after the first incident — they were poisoned again with the perpetrator using the same exact method: bowls of fish doused in antifreeze were buried in the animals' owners' yard with the dogs falling ill following consumption.

But unlike a year ago when the dogs pulled through, two were euthanized Tuesday, according to Debby Stainforth, a close family friend who is also a Tamaskan Dog Register committee member. Tarheel Tamaskan said on its Facebook page Tuesday the dogs were indeed put to sleep.

Is there a dog breeder rivalry or something? This is awful and baffling and makes me want to hug every dog I see.

Stainforth was told by one of the breeders, "two-thirds of their kidney function is gone and just a few dialysis treatments will not save them. They would have this for the rest of their short lives and suffer pretty bad. Most people can't afford the dialysis for one dog, let alone two. There is no choice here."

People are the worst sometimes.