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NC State Takes 2 Of 3 From Virginia Tech

Game 1: NC State 4, Virginia Tech 2
Game 2: NC State 6, Virginia Tech 2
Game 3: Virginia Tech 6, NC State 4

NC State wasn't able to complete a sweep of Virginia Tech on Sunday, but the guys picked up a series win on the road against a team in the RPI top 50, and that should definitely be considered a successful weekend. Trea Turner set an NC State single-season record with his 50th stolen base of the year. Here's a fun fact I learned from the team's Twitter account over the weekend: he has not been thrown out at second base all season. (He's been caught twice total.) That's insane.

State now has 16 wins against the RPI top 50 according to Warren Nolan and only three I-A schools have more. That goes to show how solid the Pack's NCAA resume is right now and why they'd host a regional if the NCAAs began today. A win or two against FSU next weekend would be gravy, not to mention solidify the three-seed for the ACC Tournament.

The standings:

1.) FSU (21-4)
2.) UNC (18-9)
3.) NCSU (18-9)
T4.) UVA (16-11)
T4.) Clemson (15-10)
6.) Miami (14-13)
T7.) VT (11-16)
T7.) GT (11-16)


9.) Wake (10-17)
T10.) UMD (9-18)
T10.) BC (9-18)
12.) Duke (7-20)

Clemson and FSU play a doubleheader on Monday, and depending on how that shakes out, Clemson could pull closer to NC State, or the Seminoles could clinch the division. One more conference win takes care of that for FSU.

No matter what happens the rest of the way, NC State cannot finish lower than fifth.