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This Week in ACC Twitterings - First and Only Monday Edition

...tap tap tap... Is this thing on?


Hello and greetings to the best little Wolfpack Sports related corner of the internet! My name is Undertoe, and I have decided to give this a whirl, like TheStrengthoftheWolf and Omega Wolf. The one thing that I will do differently from them, however, is I will not write anything with even a hint of originality to it.

What I do have though, is just enough time on my hands to recognize some of the insanely funny stuff that happens on Twitter on a weekly basis. I hope to be able to pick the funniest, compile these, post them up on here, and enjoy them with the rest of you. I hope that you will all enjoy it, and even look forward to it every Friday. Heck, someday, I hope that you are all anxiously awaiting my post like a bunch of teenage girls, wanting to see if the football star will take them to the prom. Yes, folks, I will pick what I deem to be the funniest stuff in 140 characters or less, and will rule with an iron fist. Complete dictatorship. No ifs, ands or buts...

As long as Akulawolf allows it. Did I mention that I need your suggestions? If you have any funny ACC sports related follows, let me know about them in the comments. If you see any ACC Sports related tweets from unusual sources that are just too hilarious to pass up, send those along as well. I will pick out the best of them and we will archive them here until the end of time.

By the way, we are off to a blazing start this week. We have some great stuff about the SBI in Chapel Hill, FSU's possible defection, the Amile announcement, and the ACC/Big10 Challenge lineups. A sample, after the jump:

Ha! You see, it's funny because...Moving on.

HA HA! Oh man.

Good stuff.

Please, get those suggestions in guys. If this is a failure, our dark overlord will just....I don't even know...