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More Fun with Win Shares

Yesterday's perusal of Justin Kubatko's NBA win shares (WS) got me to wonderin' if such an animal existed for NCAA hoops. Alas, it is so. Sadly, however, Kubatko's CBB WS data only goes back to the 1998-99 season, so no data exists from the glory years of '74, '83, and the Fire and Ice era.

Undaunted by the lack of breadth of data, I give you the 10 best individual WS seasons by a Pack baller over the past 14 years. Annual underachiever Brandon Costner, no soup for you! See who did make the cut after the jump.

Top 10 WS Seasons Since 1998-99*

1. Julius Hodge 6.3 (2004)

2. Tracy Smith 5.4 (2010)

3. Anthony Grundy 5.3 (2002)

4. Julius Hodge 5.1 (2005)

5. C. J. Leslie 5.0 (2012)

6. Damon Thornton 4.8 (2000)

7. Dennis Horner 4.7 (2010)

7. Marcus Melvin 4.7 (2004)

7. Scott Wood 4.7 (2012)

10. Cedric Simmons 4.6 (2006)

Lo Brown just missed the cut at 4.5 WS in 2012. If Leslie plays the whole season like he played down the stretch last year, Jules' top spot is in jeopardy, and, even with the lack of depth, it's really easy to see why we're so very excited about next year.

Bonus List: Top WS Seasons by Transfers Since 1998-99

1. Julius Mays (3.9 for Wright State in 2012)

2. Mike Bell (3.7 for Florida Atlantic in 2004)

2. Dominick Mejia (3.7 for Drexel in 2006)

4. Trey Guidry (3.6 for Illinois State in 2004)

5. Josh Davis (3.4 for Tulane in 2012)

6. Mike O'Donnell (3.1 for Central Florida in 2007)

7. Adam Harrington (3.0 for Auburn in 2001)

7. Johnny Thomas (3.0 for Marshall in 2012)

9. Damien Wilkins (2.8 for Georgia in 2004)

10. Keith Bean (2.3 for Texas A&M in 2002)

Bonus blast from the past: Marques Johnson 1.2 WS for Georgia State in 2011.

Marques, you were not missed, but I would love to have Josh Davis come in scrapping off the bench next year.

* WS are based on a 25-win season. A full explanation of their calculation can be found here.