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NC State Football Recruiting: Dakwa Nichols Is Pledge No. 2

Running back Dakwa Nichols committed to NC State on Tuesday and became the second member of the Pack's 2013 class. The man running point on his recruitment was Jim Bridge, which, duh.

"It’s close to home, they have great academics, and have a great football program," Nichols said. "I have a great relationship with the coaches."

Nichols has a very good relationship with Bridge, his recruiter, and spoke very highly of the N.C. State offensive line coach. The 5-foot-10, 185-pound tailback called Bridge earlier in the evening and didn’t reach him.

When Nichols got Bridge on the phone, the news that he delivered made his future coach extremely happy.

In the business, that's what we call the ol' Jim Bridge Slow Play. Make 'em understand we want 'em, but at the same time, make sure they know we don't need 'em. The other classic move is the "hold on, I have three other running backs on the other line" gambit. (It doesn't have to make sense.)