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Tyler Harris Transferring From NC State

Small forward Tyler Harris has decided to leave the NC State basketball program.

"Thank you for everything Wolfpack it's been great," Harris wrote on his Twitter account on Wednesday. "I'm going to miss being here and being with my bros."

In a statement released by the school, coach Mark Gottfried said: "I’m disappointed that my staff and I won’t have the opportunity to continue working with Tyler. I wish him well in his future academic and athletic pursuits."

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I'm still not sure where exactly he would have fit into next year's rotation, but I know I'd rather have him here and find out. Now we're looking at these five guys rotating in the frontcourt next season:

Calvin Leslie / T.J. Warren / MegaHorse
Richard Howell / Jordan Vandenberg

That's pretty scary, especially given Rich's foul problems. I think Vandenberg can be a solid contributor for this team, but it remains to be seen just how much rust he's going to have to work through after sitting out a season. The other two guys are essentially unknowns. We don't know how Warren is going to adjust to the college level, and MegaHorse hardly played as a freshman.