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College Basketball Officials Go Back To School To Perfect Triple Lindy

Actually that's not entirely accurate. Karl Hess has never botched a Triple Lindy and as a well-regarded renaissance man he is exempt from even the most perfunctory of reviews.

The NCAA noticed a problem regarding the frequency with which charges were called in college basketball last season. The no-charge circle was supposed to simplify matters, but it ended up becoming a crutch for a lot of refs; that is, if a defender's feet were outside the circle, it was automatically a charge. Now the NCAA is re-emphasizing how a charge should be called.

Grading of referees for the 2012 NCAA Tournament showed they got an impressive 90 percent of all calls correct — even though they got block/charge calls right only 65 percent of the time, NCAA referees coordinator John Adams told Sporting News this week.

That’s one reason the rules committee is reasserting guidelines on what constitutes a charge and asking for referees to be re-educated on how the play should be called. It will be one of the most important points covered this fall at the NCAA’s four regional refereeing seminars; all college basketball referees must attend one session to be eligible to work the NCAA Tournament.

But there is also an admission from Adams that this push is partly motivated by the NCAA's concern over the decrease in scoring in college basketball, which makes me worry that referees might end up over-correcting. I guess we'll see.