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Packing the NCAA Leaderboard

With the conference tournament getting underway today, let's take a look at how some of the Wolfpack baseballers' stats stack up nationally and relative to league foes, starting with the big lefty.


Carlos Rodon

T 1st in winning percentage (1.000, 9-0)

T 5th in strikeouts (114)

10th in ERA (1.59)

11th in hits allowed per 9 innings (5.81)

19th in strikeouts per 9 innings (10.69)

Trea Turner

1st in stolen bases (54)

1st in stolen base attempts (58)

T 9th in runs scored (62)

Anthony Tzamtzis

T 8th in opponents' batting average against (.181)

10th in hits allowed per 9 innings (5.8)

Ryan Mathews

17th in slugging percentage (.663)

T 17th in home runs (14)

Chris Diaz

T 7th in doubles (23)

Brett Austin

T 8th in sacrifice flies (8)

It's safe to say that these guys will be instrumental if the Pack is to make any noise in the conference tournament and beyond.

Here's how those guys and their teammates compare to ACC competition**.

Batting Average

4th Diaz (.369)

8th Mathews (.343)

9th Danny Canela (.340)

10th Turner (.340)

Slugging Percentage

2nd Mathews (.663)

On Base Percentage

5th Turner (.449)

7th Canela (.444)


2nd Turner (62)

7th Diaz (48)


2nd Diaz (80)

8th Turner (71)

Runs Batted In

T 3rd Mathews (52)

7th Diaz (49)


1st Diaz (23)


T 6th Jake Fincher (5)

Home Runs

3rd Mathews (14)

Total Bases

6th Mathews (118)

T 9th Diaz 110


T 8th Turner (38)

T 8th Canela (38)

Sacrifice Flies

T 3rd Austin (8)

5th Andrew Ciencin (7)

T 10th Diaz (5)

Stolen Bases

1st Turner 54 (only 32 ahead of second place Pat Blair)

T 10th Fincher 13

Earned Run Average

1st Rodon 1.59

Opponents' Batting Average Against

2nd Tzamtzis (.181)

3rd Rodon (.184)

Innings Pitched

2nd Rodon (96)


2nd Rodon (114)


2nd Rodon (9)


T 7th Chris Overman (6)

Strikeouts per 9 Innings

2nd Rodon (10.69)

8th Tzamtzis (9.28)

Home Runs Allowed per 9 Innings

2nd Rodon (0.19)

Hits Allowed per 9 Innings

2nd Tzamtzis (5.8)

3rd Rodon (5.81)

* included anyone in the top 20

** included anyone in the top 10