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Apparently A 'Postgame Ejection' Is A Thing

UNC manager Mike Fox has been suspended for Saturday's game against the Pack.

Fox was issued a postgame ejection for his actions in the moments following the Tar Heels’ 5-3 loss to Miami on Thursday at NewBridge Bank Park.

In a statement from umpiring crew chief Bryant Woodall: "Coach Fox was warned twice following the game for arguing the last pitch. He continued to engage a member of the crew, at which time he was iussed [sic] a post-participation ejection."

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Fox won't have any idea what to do with himself during the game Saturday, which is a typical game day for baseball managers since they never have any idea what to do with themselves. That's how the hit and run was invented. Baseball is just different in that way; there's so very little--relative to, say, basketball or football--that a coach can control. I mean, you can't double team the pitcher on the mound that's killing you.

Mike Fox deals with this crisis of being by handling his pitching staff in La Russa-esque fashion. Saturday's game may not go well, but it will go faster.