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Return of the Wolfpack Breakfast Links 6/1


Thanks to a long ass vacation from life, Wolfpack Breakfast Links have been off the air for the past week or so. This Friday, however, that is a thing of the past - HERE are your morning links.

Baseball, baseball, baseball leads off the day, as a sport that strangely doesn't get any college recognition finally picks up some media coverage. Carlos Rodon picked up Louisville Slugger All-American honors, ACC Sports Journal writes some pre-regional hype, the N and O saddles us with even more expectation, and's Inside Wolfpack Sports this week examines SS Chris Diaz. The N and O also has a cool piece about Ethan Ogburn, who I think will be very, very key to our success in this tournament, and more about how we are overdue for CWS greatness. Every time I see anything that reads remotely like "the Pack are due to bust it open this year", no matter what the situation, I immediately grab my portable lightning rod and expectantly look at the sky.

A couple of NC State golfers recently qualified for US Amateur something or other. Cool!

Sarcasm aside, however the efforts of individuals like that have resulted in NC State moving up three spots in the Director's Cup. We're now 38th, with many of our good sports remaining to be decided, putting us within range of our all time record of 32nd. Go Debbie!

State is now so awesome that we are one of only four schools in the nation to win a bowl game, have our hoops team finish in the top 20, and host a regional. Here is a great article bragging about that fact, followed by a good old dose of NCStateShit temperament to calm you down.

Gorgeous Ms. Meredith Lindsay is angling for the Miss North Carolina title, after having never previously been in a beauty pageant - I don't understand these things, but apparently there is a vote, which is linked in the article - you know what to do, Pack faithful.

That's all there is this week. It's been rather quiet, between the UNC game hangovers and the pre-weekend jitters. Here's hoping the Monday edition of Links is written in a glowingly positive light following thunderous success on the diamond this weekend (yes yes yes, I knocked on wood and crossed my heart).