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2012 NCAA Baseball Tournament, Sacred Heart Vs. NC State: Pack Crushes Pioneers 16-5

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NC State starter Vance Williams got off to a rough start--nerves or otherwise, he had some control issues in the first inning that helped Sacred Heart get out to a 2-0 lead. But Ryan Mathews quickly erased whatever uneasiness the top of the first had created with a three-run shot in the bottom half. Williams settled down from there, and by the time State put up a seven-spot in the sixth, there was nothing left to worry about but the weather.

A delay did finally come in the top of the ninth inning, and amusingly enough it only started to really pour when they pulled the tarp off and resumed play. Dillon Frye battled through the mess to finish things up.

So NC State got through its Friday game in pretty much the most ideal fashion imaginable. The Pack didn't have to burn a weekend starter or any of its bullpen regulars (well, except Vance) and used just two pitchers total. Now State can pitch Rodon and Ogburn on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, to--fingers crossed--close out the regional. And should State need to work through the loser's bracket, it'll have Ogburn in the first elimination game Sunday and Tzamtzis in the second, which isn't a horrible setup. The odds are never good in that situation, but Avent's done the best he can to deal with the possibility.