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Conspicuous by Its Absence

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After the nice find tweeted by Pack Pride earlier today about Travel Hansblow's "cool" Swahili electives, I took to the interwebz to see exactly what sort of thing a Tarhole basketball player would major in. For the vast majority of them, the answer is nothing. Of 12 scholarship players listed on last year's roster, only listed a major for 2 (Zeller and Henson, both Business Administration). For the other 10, the academic program of study is either omitted entirely or the player is undeclared. It is not uncommon for a freshman or even a sophomore not to have declared a major, but a number of these Holes are upperclassmen that have either yet to declare a major or...wait for it...were Afro-American Studies majors before someone did a bit of revising (covering up) over at TarheelBlue.

When you check back through past rosters you find more of the same; there are a handful of "challenging" majors like sociology and communications, but for the most part you have a string of undeclared Holes or Holes that have nothing education-related mentioned at all in their bios. Again, I wonder how many of them were Afro-American Studies majors cruising through Carolina taking classes with no instruction and little or no expectation of doing any work.

Michael Copeland had a pretty forgettable career at UNX, scoring 73 points in 72 total games. His career was so forgettable, in fact, that apparently whoever went back to revise out all the fake majors of "student" athletes forgot all about him. Quick, take a screenshot of this page before it disappears! So, we know Hansbrough took questionable classes and now we know that at least one player majored in a questionable major.

Tick, tick, tick.

This appears to be a ticking time bomb, and if the media does its due diligence, sooner or later there will be an explosion.