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Which NC State Players Would You Nominate To A College Football Hall Of Fame?

SB Nation's college network has decided to establish a college football Hall of Fame this summer, and what we need now is a pool of nominees. Nominees will come from the following 10 categories: QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB, ST (special teams), Coach.

Here are the rules:

-- Any one who has been out of college for four seasons or at their current coaching position (i.e., head coach, offensive coordinator, etc.) for five years is eligible.

-- You can't nominate more than one player from a given position.

-- You can't nominate a player that you haven't seen play. So Johnny 1912 is ineligible in this discussion. Sorry, Johnny 1912. Really liked that guy. The "nominee era" is for guys who played between 1962 and 2007.

-- Five nominees is the maximum.

My serious viewing period does not extend beyond 1997 or so, so I'm going to need some help. Philip Rivers and Torry Holt are locks, and while we don't have to submit five nominees, we can definitely get there. The problem for me is that there aren't five legitimate (eligible) candidates since 1997. (Mario Williams might make three.) Who among you has seen Ted Brown (or Jim Ritcher, or the Buckeys, or ...) play? I especially need your help.