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This Week in ACC Twitterings: Father's Day Edition

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Welcome to your ACC Tweets of the Week post, where we highlight the funniest stuff said in 140 characters or less, about any and everything related to ACC Sports.

I believe that last week, I thoroughly covered my lack of excitement for watching the sport of baseball on television. I did, however, suck it up and burn through almost 2 full days of rain outs, lightning outs and strike outs to watch the Pack 9 in the Florida Super Regional last weekend. I can now say, without a doubt, that my dislike has not changed one bit. Holy crap that was boring. I napped. I awoke. I napped some more. I swept the kitchen. The Wolfpack lost the game.

HOWEVAH...all of that is behind me now, as we embark on this weekend, where we find ourselves observing the holiest of holidays. The mother of all Sundays. That's right folks, this Sunday is Father's day. The day where I am allowed to do whatever. In the hell. I want. Oh sure, there are limits to the debauchery. But, for the most part, I rule the roost. Wanna drink beer in the garage in your underwear? Have at it. Wanna drink beer in the bed at 10AM? Go right ahead. Wanna drink get the point.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'll hang out with the little toes. I'll read the little hand drawn card, and I will eat the 3 day old donut that my 9 year old stuffed in a sandwich bag for me. (It is a Krispy Kreme, after all) I will do all of the family crap that is required of me. But...after that? When my wife and kids go visit her Dad? It. Is. On. I will drink beer and scratch myself and watch a sporting event on the television that I will cuss loudly at. Which brings me to the greatest mystery that has ever existed.

Why, in the great, blue hell, is Father's Day NOT OBSERVED DURING FOOTBALL SEASON???

Here, are the best Tweets that I could scour from the interwebs this week. There was a lot of Soccer (The "futbol" rant will be saved for another day) on TV this week, apparently. You thought baseball was boring? Sheesh, that shit is unwatchable. But, since I am so "in-tune" with the world's economic problems, this one had me chuckling:

Then, as our very own Omega Wolf has covered in detail, we got some more news out of the flagship:

The NBA Finals started this week, which brought this from old reliable:

Speaking of the NBA and the Flagship:

Which led to this:

Whiiiich led to this:

Heyooo! Oh yeah, I nearly forgot the game! Robbery at the plate? Robbery at the plate.

That one got me laughing.

You said it. But it wasn't nearly as funny as this:

HA! Classic. Sorry, though, it was runner up this week. The honor of having the Gold Star Tweet of the Week goes to one of our favorite alums. This tweet is ACC related only in that it came from an ACC legend. The man who gave us "hongry" and "if your'e scared". That's right kids, this little jewel came from none other than Da'Jules:

HOLY CRAP!!! That dude is the best.

Enjoy your Father's Day, everybody - and - if you don't have yours anymore like me, smile and know that he would have wanted you to enjoy it.