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2013 ACC Basketball Schedules Slowly Being Released

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Five of the league's schools have released their 2013 conference basketball schedules; there doesn't appear to be any coordination to this and nothing's been said about it on the league website, which is odd. NC State hasn't released anything yet, but we do have a part of the picture.

Here's what we know about NC State's 2013 conference slate based on what other schools have made public:

Florida State
Wake Forest
Boston College

at Virginia

With an 18-game schedule this year, we get seven teams twice and four teams once. So this leaves three home-and-home opponents and three single-game opponents yet to be determined/announced. If the league office doesn't take advantage of the extra home-and-homes this year by letting State play the Blue Devils twice, well, that would just be stupid. So I'm gonna go ahead and assume that Duke is one of our home-and-homes. Or maybe I should assume the opposite. I don't know anymore.