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This 'Welcome To Our State' Campaign Is Also Mississippi State's Campaign

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You have probably seen or heard about NC State's "Welcome To Our State"/"This Is Our State" campaign. There are billboards and everything.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this slogan has occurred to other institutions. Mississippi State put up billboards with the exact same slogan around Mississippi a couple of years ago.

So they win I guess. Congrats, fellas. Enjoy that sunset, Dan Mullen.

Let's see how Tar Heel fans feel about this campaign.

63-33-3 (All time UNC/moou football record). Only a moron would make this claim with that sort of historical dominance going the other way. Note recent history is no better for moou either. This latest moou streak, the best in the series from thier side, was preceded by a 7 straight UNC wins. Of course the state fans will tell you the refs gave UNC every one of those wins.