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Vanderbilt Vs. NC State, Sam Selman Vs. Carlos Rodon

Well, it looks like Sacred Heart will be the first team eliminated from the Raleigh Regional, and after what we saw last night, it's no surprise that Wilmington's offense has managed to put up 10 runs. Here's the full bracket:


So Wilmington will in all likelihood be the team waiting for the loser of tonight's big game between the Wolfpack and Vanderbilt. Staying in the winners' bracket means needing just one win--and playing a max of two games--the rest of the way, while coming out of losers' bracket requires three more wins. Now, given the way that Vandy and State have set up their pitching for the weekend, that's not an impossible task (for Vandy especially), but no one wants to go that route, obviously.

Saturday night's game shapes up as a fantastic pitching matchup, with State sending ace Carlos Rodon to the hill to face Vanderbilt's Sam Selman. Here's a look at how those two compare:

Rodon 9-0 1.59 105 126 36 10.8 3.1 3.5
Selman 9-3 3.33 70.3 75 38 9.6 4.9 2.0

Like Rodon, Selman has a good strikeout rate, but he has had more control issues this year as evidenced by a walk rate that approaches five per nine innings pitched. Let's hope we see a bit of that wild arm tonight.

I give State the edge in the pitching matchup and at the plate, but the margins are thin. With two pitchers who aren't likely to make many errors, it's probably just a matter of which team can capitalize on the few mistakes presented to it.