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NC State Jumps to 37th in Directors' Cup

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NC State has jumped to 37th in the Directors' Cup standings, a jump of 52 spots in two years. According to PackPride, that's the biggest jump by an ACC school in the history of the cup. Ever.

"For 2011-12, 13 Wolfpack teams earned Directors’ Cup points and six finished in the Top-25 of the Cup standings: baseball (9th), men’s basketball (9th), men’s cross country (10th), gymnastics (13th), women’s golf (13th) and women’s cross country (23rd). NC State is one of only four BCS schools to win a bowl game, finish in the top 20 in men’s basketball and advance to a Super Regional in baseball (along with Florida, Florida State and Baylor) in 2011-2012."

Even with all the new pushes to spend money and do better, we still managed to add $500,000 dollars to the reserves, according to this article. Debbie Yow at work is already looking like one of the best decisions the university has ever made. Things feel good here around campus. Academically we are always expanding and advancing, looking forward to a bright future in the tech heavy RTP area. Athletically, we are just off an all-around great year and looking forward to more sucess from all teams next year. Carolina is headed down the drain fast.

Things look good, Wolfpack. Things look good.

And yeah, I already knocked on wood. BEGONE, NC STATE SHIT! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.