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College Football Playoffs Are Here

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If you missed it the other day, conference presidents and commissioners have agreed to a four-team playoff format that will replace the current BCS system beginning in 2014.

A four-team playoff for college football has been formally approved by a presidential oversight committee, a dramatic change for the sport that will begin in 2014 and continue through the 2025 season. The four teams will be chosen by a selection committee, the semifinals will be held at current bowl sites and the national championship game will be awarded to the highest bidder.

Between the use of current bowl sites for the playoffs and the dates of those games, this isn't going to feel a whole lot different. And while this may be a step in the right direction, it really doesn't do much for NC State's outlook. I suppose we'll have to wait for 2025 when the playoffs expand again, when we might have a chance at contending for a playoff spot more than once a decade. College football is depressing in that way.

But we'll always have the Belk Bowl, or whatever it might be called a decade from now.