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This Week in ACC Twitterings: Lot Lizards Edition

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Welcome to your ACC Tweets of the Week post, where we highlight the funniest stuff said in 140 characters or less, about any and everything related to ACC Sports.

I would like to apologize in advance, if any of our readers are car salesmen. For some, it is a temporary stop in between construction management positions. For others it is a life's calling. My hat is off to you either way, because, as much as I like cars, I hate shopping for them.

I was tasked this week with the selection and negotiation of a new company truck. Now, this isn't all bad, this was to be my work truck, and I was given quite a bit of flexibility in model selection. Shopping for a truck with the company's money? Pretty cool, right? WRONG. Pro Tip: Next time you buy a vehicle for yourself, I recommend that you use this angle. As miserable as it was, it would have been even worse if they had known that the decision was all mine.

I met some really...umm...interesting people this week. There was the older Italian gentlemen that almost got me to purchase a Toyota (2nd favorite of the four that I drove) based purely on his personality. I mean, this dude was nice. Plus, he talked funny. I'm sure that he cussed me in Italian after I left. Then, there was the younger fellow at the first of several Ford dealerships, who I am pretty sure is working his first job right out of school. He was enthusiastic, friendly, and just tried really hard. Too bad they have changed that truck this year, and I can't wrap my head around the new turn signal setup. Denis Leary ain't gonna like that crap one bit.

Sure, there were a few sore heads. One guy just swore that the pricing would all be pretty much the same across dealerships, because they all pay the same invoice and they all get the same incentives. That's just not true. I wasn't going to argue with him, but his price was substantially higher than others with more options. Peckerhead.

Then I met the man who would eventually win my business. Downtown Kenny Brown. Now, would I, under normal circumstances, give a crap if this guy liked me or not? Certainly not, and I really don't care now. But when I was deciding on a truck, it sure mattered. It helped his cause that he had the right truck in his inventory, but I could have found it somewhere else. Probably for a better price. But I was tired. And, I like Kenny. That, my friends, is a good salesman.

Besides, if it weren't for Downtown Kenny Brown, I would be driving number 2 on my list.....Fanabla.

Gonna be a short selection this week, given that the time I ususally devote to scouring the Twitternets for funnies was devoted to researching fuel mileage and looking for USB ports - an extremely important feature in a new truck, that believe it or not, is not included in all of them. We did get quite the scare from our superstar Point Guard this week. If I have to put the Dark Overlord on here again...*sigh*...whatever:

I guess it is a big deal that BMFD's kid is going to walk on over at the flagship:

Speaking of the Flagship, they really don't like our new billboard design:

Shoulda been up for the last 1800 days, or whatever the count is up to now. OTOH, If Kendall Marshall had tweeted this, he would have a point. Moving On!!

People. Do not leave your smart phone laying around your friends. If I've told you once...

Apparently the University hyped up the HOF announcement a little bit ahead of time, which let to all sorts of wild speculation:

Ha haaa, good ones. Then there's this one which seems funny. What's this about, soccer?:
Which brings me to climax this week. Oh. No, not that kind of climax. Eww. Anyhow, this week's Gold Star Tweet of the Week goes to a man that apparently feels the same way I do about soccer:
Enjoy our Nation's Birthday this week, everybody, may your beers be cold, and your steaks be tender.